Trail Adventures

From far away places to those closer to home, Lobo Adventures has scoured the planet for the best combination of raw beauty, rugged trails, and deep culture. We believe that travel can be transformative and that the remaining wild places of this planet can strengthen, heal, and embolden us to live out our best lives. 

We take care of the details so you can fully immerse yourself in the adventure. We pride ourselves on physically challenging our travelers as well as helping them recharge from the rigors of daily existence. Explore the wilderness with us and access a deeper part of yourself. 

Table Mountain Cape Town.jpg

Spring 2020

Cape Town has everything it takes to feed a hungry soul--high design, rhythmic beats, over-the-top natural beauty, deep history, and perfect weather. Explore its trails and unforgettable cultural spirit with us.

Torres del Paine & Patagonia Region Rugged Exploration

Winter 2020

Details coming soon. 


Iceland Fire & Ice

Trail Retreat

June 9-16, 2019

Iceland is  place that feels otherworldly. Tectonic plates ripping away from its European neighbor-continent. Glaciers chewing mountains down to crumbs. Volcanic blasts giving birth to new mountains. You too will feel reborn into a landscape you don't recognize as your own.