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Torres del Paine
Patagonia Rugged Exploration

March 2-9, 2023---postponed

The edge of the world is only the beginning. 

Patagonia burns in the imagination of many as an edenic landscape overflowing with wild beauty. From roaming guanacos, to magical turquoise lakes, granite spires reaching into the sky like a crown, forested uplands, soaring condors and sheets of fractured blue ice, Chile boasts one of the rarest, uncultivated destinations on the planet. 


Sitting on the southern tip of South America, Torres del Paine National Park is immense with staggering and unrepeatable splendor that can’t ever truly be captured by a photograph. While we hike through this wonderland and immerse ourselves in nature’s majesty, we’ll also become intrepid explorers of our own intrinsic beauty. Our maps may not have frayed corners or be read by candlelight, like those of Magellan and the first non-native explorers here, but similarly we will go in search of undiscovered treasures. We will explore the contours of an inner map, marking an X in golden places–where we unearth new riches within ourselves. 


Meet us at the bottom of the world and let’s unleash our innate wildness as we delight in Patagonia’s grandeur.   



Before traveling into the wilderness we will start our Chilean adventure in the rustic latin mountain town of Puerto Natales. Serving as a colorful cultural gateway to the national park and overlooking the southernmost Andes mountain fjords, we’ll use this unique backdrop to commence our retreat, get acquainted with one another and gear up for the quest ahead. Torres Del Paine National Park will serve as the focal point of our big adventure–hiking a version of what’s called the “W” route (due to the trail looking like the letter W), which encompasses over 50 miles of backpacking with awe-inspiring views around every corner. 



After spending two nights in a national-architecture-prize-winning ecological hotel, we will transition our journey to the park where we will make camp at refugios (shelters) along the “W” route. Our base camp each night, comprised of four different locations, will be surrounded by some of the most epic views on the planet. At the completion of our journey we will toast to our accomplishment and pamper ourselves at one of the only hotels/spas IN the park, overlooking the iconic Paine Massif. In total, we will have three nights in hotels and four nights under the stars (have you ever seen the Southern Cross?!). 



We want you to be able to dive deeply into the adventure of Patagonia, so we've taken care of the details. As experienced professional running and wellness coaches, we are excited to help you discover a new level of physical power. Not only will we coach you through the trek and guide you through our retreat curriculum but we will make sure the following is covered:

  • airport transportation (from PNT) 

  • welcome reception

  • all retreat content & materials

  • seven nights of lodging/camping 

  • all breakfasts, lunches & dinners

  • boat tours

  • shuttling & park entrance fees 

During the backpacking portion, our meals (hot breakfast, packed lunch, hot dinner) will be prepared each day by the refugio destination. Hot showers, indoor bathrooms and communal hang out areas will await us at each campsite. Prior to our departure we will review all of these logistics and needed gear. 



Our main physical pursuit, hiking the “W” in Torres del Paine, will be a grand adventure. Though the trails are technical in places, most days will be self-paced backpacking through the mountains. The altitude is very manageable here, making our days of hiking even more enjoyable. 


Expect to hike–with your own pack–between 7-13 miles each trekking day (4 days) or between 3-10 hours per day for a total of 50+ miles. The hardest day of our trek will be hiking to the base of the famous Torres. This day will include some elevation gain as well as a section of boulder scrambling up rocky moraine. If you are wanting more challenge, on one of the days we will provide an option for extra mileage. 


No previous camping experience necessary. If you are new to this type of experience we will support you every step of the way from helping to prepare your fitness, to selecting gear, to guiding you through every turn once in Patagonia.  




Our week-long journey begins in the early evening with a group gathering in Puerto Natales. We will join together with new friends to kick off our retreat over drinks and dinner. 


Slow-start morning reflection, touring landmarks and lunch in Puerto Natales,  shopping/preparations of our gear/food for backpacking 

Saturday – Tuesday

Backpacking and camping the “W” in Torres del Paine 


Each day will include a personal journey both on the trail and within. We will provide daily retreat content/exercises to enhance the day’s quest. The retreat curriculum includes a balance of structured solo time as well as group activities to enable participants to dig deeply into the exercises – connecting with some amazing humans AND our marvelous inner-selves. 


The hiking will be anything but monotonous, as each section we encounter is unique in its character. After making camp in the evening, we will commune over a warm meal and regale each other with our heroic tales from the day. 


After waking up with panoramic views of Lago Grey we will board a boat and sail three hours across the lake past radiant blue icebergs and snow-capped mountains in 360 degrees. In the afternoon, we’ll relax at the hotel spa for a few hours before toasting to the completion of our quest over a dinner celebration. 


Retreat closing ceremonies, hugs & airport departures 


We are keeping our tribe very small (max of 10 participants) to ensure personal attention with each adventurer. On a week-long trip like this one, we appreciate the power of a group connection as well as the need for alone time. We believe unique fruits can come from a tribe that coalesces, but we also want this adventure to fill you up personally. We promise to provide a balance of both. 




Everyone has their own timing for travel so we think it's best to meet us in Puerto Natales, Chile. We will be arranging airport pick-up in Puerto Natales (closest airport) for Wednesday and Thursday morning/mid-day. Note: most flight search engines default to Punta Arenas which is 112 miles away. If you choose this option you will need to handle transportation to Puerto Natales. We also recommend buying travel insurance.


Choose how you’ll pamper yourself after our quest. You aren’t required to do spa activities but will have a few hours of unstructured time to relax however you see fit. 

Personal Extras

Snacks for the trail, alcohol, tipping, activities before/after programming, personal purchases. 

Camping & Hiking Gear

We will send a complete gear list of recommended and required items to bring. 


Fill out the registration form on our Reserve page or email us with questions. 

3/2/23-3/9/23--8 days, 7 nights

$5700 single occupancy Inquire about pricing for our very limited double occupancy spots.

$800 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot, remaining balance due 30 days prior to trip start. 

Full return policy on our FAQs page.

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