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Lobo FAQs

How fit do I need to be to attend this adventure?

Our trail adventures are intended for an active person. But, you don't have to run marathons or be an expert trail runner. Our goal is to offer a trail experience that will challenge all of our travelers while simultaneously not leaving anyone behind. We have been coaching people of all ages and abilities for years and are fully equipped to push you while still taking care of you.

What if I want to hike but not trail run?

That is more than fine with us. Many of our trail excursions will be based on length of time instead of miles/ kilometers. 

Are your adventures all the same level of difficulty?

Each trip varies based on the location terrain and adventure objectives. Look for a more detailed guide of exertion in the trip's specific description. 

I’m not a very social person. Is this adventure for me?

We will definitely encourage group participation and aim to build a solid tribe while traveling. But, we completely understand the need for introspection and recharge time. We will provide options on many social activities. 

How big is the group we are traveling with?

Most of our trips (unless otherwise noted) are a maximum of 25 people--often times much smaller. Check the trip's description for the exact group size. 

What about language/ cultural barriers?

In many of the international locations we visit there will no doubt be some of both. We think this is all part of the experience but will assist with language where necessary. 

Can you accommodate food allergies & dietary restrictions?

We will do our absolute best. Many of the food selections will be dependent on what's available in each location. Please be sure to make a note of anything specific on your registration form. 

What if I want to do stuff on my own?

The adventures are designed so that we can coalesce as a tribe. But we totally understand if there are times where you need a break and want to opt out of excursions/activities. It's your adventure after all, so everything is OPTIONAL.

What if my plans changed and I've already reserved? 

We understand that things happen in life and plans change. Please keep in mind that your deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel six months prior to the start of your adventure you can transfer your deposit to another Lobo trip. You may request a partial refund (50%, less the deposit) if canceling three months before the trip start date. All fees for the full cost of the trip are due in full 30 days before the start date. All prices are quoted and payable in USD.

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